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All Venue Schedules

ART - A Monster To Watch Under Me

Regina, SK

ART - A Song of Bucephalus

Calgary, AB

ART - Dewdney Avenue

Regina, Saskatchewan

ART - Love, Loss and What I Wore


ART - The Ballad Of Frank Allen

Mt Lawley, Western Austrailia

ART - Trying on Your Dead Mom's Underwear

Victoria, BC

ART - Venue Schedule

EXG - A David Lynch Wet Dream

Montreal, QC

EXG - Executing Justice

Vancouver, BC

EXG - I Had Sex Until My Heart Stopped

Vancouver, BC

EXG - Lovely Lady Lump

Melbourne, VIC, Austrailia

EXG - Picnics at the Asylum

West Hills, California, USA

EXG - The Cockwhisperer - A Love Story

Hamilton, ON

EXG - Venue Schedule

Kick Off Event

Kids - African Folktales with Erik de Waal

Capetown, South Africa

Kids - Jazz Cat with Melanie Gall

St. Albert, AB

Kids - RuBarb Jam

Moose Jaw, SK

Kids - The Philip & Lucinda Dino Show

Toronto, ON

Kids Fringe

Preview Night

RSM - A Woman of a Certain Age (TM)

Calgary, AB

RSM - La Soirée

Regina, SK

RSM - Pretending Things Are A Cock

Melbourne, Victoria, Austrailia

RSM - Sex, Math and Seizures

Oakland, California USA

RSM - Son Of Africville

Victoria, BC

RSM - The Inventor of All Things


RSM - Venue Schedule

SKX - Bike Face

Toronto, ON

SKX - Blood Countess

Regina, SK

SKX - Letters To West 113th

Calgary, AB

SKX - Staycation

Portland, OR, USA

SKX - Sticks + Bones

Vancouver, BC

SKX - Timmy, Tommy & the Haunted Hotel

Calgary, AB

SKX - Venue Schedule

StM - AMAZE- A Comedy Magic Show

KIngston, ON

StM - Death and Stuff

Saskatoon, SK

StM - Szeretlek: A Hungarian Love Story

Toronto, ON

StM - The Secret of Castle Alphabet

Calgary, AB

StM - We'll Meet Again: Vera Lynn, the Forces' Sweetheart

St. Albert, AB

StM - Wooster Sauce

Toronto, ON

StM - Venue Schedule

UNT - Chris & Travis


UNT - Dry

Regina, SK

UNT - Gerard Harris: A Tension To Detail

London, United Kingdom


Welland, ON

UNT - The Betrayal

Regina, SK

UNT - The Prehistory of Moses P

Edmonton, AB & South Africa

UNT - Venue Schedule