Upcoming Performers
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Prairie Fire   The Grand Salto Theatre   Mare Theatrics
Prairie Boy Productions   Hiroic Productions   Melanie Gall Presents
Compact Disk Productions   Eliot Entertainment   star star theatre
Amanda Schenstead   Transpoetics   Pape & Taper
Studyo Theatre   Newman Mentalism    
The Women's Comany of Regina   By the Book Productions    
Théâtre Oskana   Bessie-Jean Productions   International
Heartbox Theatre   Archetype Productions   Lana Schwarcz
    Colette Kendall   Stella Productions
    Squirrel Suit   Acherontia Productions
Mike Delamont   Pleasant Mountain Productions   2hoots Productions 
Bárbara Selfridge   Bike Circus   ArtsDiva Productions
That's Enough Drama   Travis Bernhardt   Weeping Spoon Productions
    HeARTbeat Theatre Productions   White Collar Crimes

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Upcoming Performers
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    big word performance
    Steve Budd Presents
    Jill Vice
    Randy Rutherford Presents
    Pair of Animals
    Alec Seymor
    Clayton Storyteller
    Houston Robertson
    Ewerton Martins
    Gemma Wilcox
    Jeremy productions
    Diane M Barnes