Upcoming Performers
Saskatchewan   Canadian   International
Cameron House Media   Peter MacDonald Productions   GLAM - Global Arts Management
Gabjon Productions   Theatre Praxis   Stories Alive
Cake Walk Productions   Theatrically Obsessed   Piti Theatre Company
The Blue Room Company   Story Envelope Theatre   The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal
David Carnegie   Spec Theatre   Daredevil Chicken
    Devon More Music    
Melanie Gall Presents   Newman Mentalism   WAITLIST - INTERNATIONAL
ArtsDiva Productions   Bike Circus   big word performance
    Beau Theatre Co.   Kate Huffman
    Chimera Theatre   Randy Ross
    The Electronic Gospel Experience    
    Quivering Dendrites    
    Tomo Suru    
    Invisible Inc.    
    Howl Theatre
    Okay Grace Productions



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