Host Billetting Guidelines

What the heck is billeting?

Hosting a Fringe artist or two in your home, also known as "billeting," is a great way to meet artists from far and wide, be part of the big weird Fringe family, and see great independent theatre for FREE at the Fringe.

Billeting is a key part of making our festival feasible and attractive to touring companies. Performers from all over Canada and the world come to the Victoria Fringe. They cover their own travel expenses to get here and are paid in box office receipts. To help support the artists, we look for local hosts who are willing to "adopt an artist" for a couple of weeks, allowing them to stay in their home for free. 

If you have a spare room with a bed that a visiting artist can call home for the duration of the festival , we will thank you with Fringe tickets as outlines below.  This way you can enjoy the shows in the festival too!

Many of our hosts return year after year to billet a visiting performer or two - for some people it's their favourite part of the Fringe. We rely heavily on the generosity of our community, and we hope you will be part of this great experience with us!

What you get as a billeting host:

  • 10 complimentary tickets to any Fringe show at the festival per performer billeted.
  • 2 complimentary tickets to the show of the performer(s) you are billeting.

What a billeting hosts provides:

  • A clean, semi-private/private place for the performer to sleep (bed, futon, pull-out couch).
  • A safe place for a performer to leave their belongings.
  • Somewhere for a performer to have a shower and freshen up.
  • Access to a kitchen or a place to cook/prepare their meals and clean their dishes.
  • A key/access to your home to allow the performer to come and go as necessary.

What a billeting host does NOT need to provide:

  • Groceries/preparing/cooking meals.
  • Doing a performer’s laundry.
  • Cleaning up after the performer.
  • Driving or escorting the performer around town.
  • Entertaining the performer (or their friends).
  • Providing long distance phone calls.
  • Use of your personal computer/technology.

Tips for ensuring a fun billet/performer experience:

  • Open communication about what you expect in your home (re: noise, cleanliness, etc).
  • Discussion about needs, habits, schedules, and overall expectations.
  • See your performer’s show.
  • Get to know the performer.
  • Communicate and chat about their life/work/experiences and your life/work/etc.
  • Enjoy some (or all) of the Fringe festivities.
  • Let the Fringe know about your experience.
  • Tell us what we can do to make our billet program even better.

Please know the Regina Fringe Festival works with you to ensure an appropriate match is made between you the billeting host and the performer billeted.