Performer Application Submission

  • Ensure that you have read and understand all rules and conditions before submitting your application.
  • Complete and submit the on-line application form.  Ensure you select the correct lottery category
  • Submit you $25.00 application fee
  • All valid applictions will be entered into the lottery.
  • All companies drawn in the lottery will receive a slot and an email confirmation note.
  • Those not drawn will receive an email notification of their place on the wait list.
  • Application fees for those accepted must be paid by January 15, 2020.
    • NOTE: failure to pay appliction fees by January 15, 2020 will result in forfeiture of their place in the festival and the spot will be awarded to the next company on the wait list.
  • Any company can withdraw from the wait list at any time.

Submit your Performer Application - 2020 Applications are CLOSED