Performer Bonuses and Benefits

Preview night
Participating performers will receive an invitation to participate in Preview Night,  This will be held prior to festival opening to give audience a sneak peek of shows.

Complimentary (comp) Tickets
Each company will receive a number of comp tickets to hand out to the community and other performers in order to promote their show.  The Regina Fringe also retains the right to give out comp tickets to media, artistic directors, VIP’s, sponsors, and for various contests.  These comp tickets will be kept to a minimum, but please be aware there is no limit to the number of comp tickets that can be used at each performance.

Volunteer Appreciation Shows
Each company has the opportunity to, at their discretion, designate show(s) as "Volunteer Appreciation Shows" for volunteers to attend as a thank you.

Box Office
Companies receive 100% of the box office revenue.  The Regina Fringe reserves the right to include service fees for tickets, which may be purchased on line, in advance or otherwise, in order to cover the costs of offering these services.  These service fees will NOT be included in the performer pay out.