Performer Check List and Confirmation


  • Read the accompanying application and policy information.
  • Completed the on-line application form and answered all questions. (Incomplete applications will not be accepted.)
  • Included both fees
    • Lottery Admin Fee - $25.00 Canadian ONLY
    • Application fee – $575 Canadian ONLY (GST included)
  • Made my cheques or money orders payable to Regina International Open Theatre Society or R.I.O.T.S. OR
    • E-Transfer to
  • Add the e-mail to my contact list.


If an individual/company is found to be in violation of any of the Regina Fringe’s application policies the applicant may be removed from the application process or from participant status and may forfeit all or part of the application fee.

If the Regina Fringe or participant performances are delayed, interrupted or prevented by reason of an Act of God, fire, flood, war, public disaster, strikes, labour difficulties, governmental enactment, regulation or order, certified illness, or any other cause beyond the Regina Fringe’s control, the Regina Fringe will not be liable for any loss of revenue or expenses incurred.

By Submitting the on-line application, you agree that you have completed the application and read all of the policy information thoroughly and acknowledge that the Regina International Open Theatre Society (R.I.O.T.S.) operating as the Regina International Fringe Theatre Festival is not responsible and will not be held responsible or accountable for any injury sustained during a performance or while in a Regina Fringe venue or on the Regina Fringe venue’s property.

Please be aware that by submitting the application, your company also agrees to adhere to the laws of Saskatchewan, the policies, procedures and safety guidelines as set forth by the Regina International Open Theatre Society, as well as to act in the best interest of the Regina Fringe at all times.  The Regina Fringe reserves the right to remove any company or cancel any/all performances of a company that does not abide by the policies of the Regina Fringe.

Submission of the on-line application indicates you understand and agree to abide by all Regina Fringe policy information as outlined.  If your company is accepted into the Regina Fringe, your on-line application will be considered a signed agreement between you and the Regina Fringe.