Rules & Regulations

You may not submit more than one application to the Fringe. Please note the following rules:

  • The Company Name, Primary Contact and Secondary Contact cannot be changed once submitted.
  • The Primary and Secondary contacts of a company cannot be the Primary and Secondary contacts for a second company.
  • If an individual/company submits more than one application, ALL relevant applications will be removed from the lottery, and no refund will be given for the lottery application fee.
  • If the Primary Contact cannot continue with a production, we reserve the right to withdraw it from the Festival.
  • Companies are not allowed to sell or transfer their spot to another company. If we find that they have, both companies will be removed from The Festival and will forfeit 100% of their fees.

Acceptance of Applications

All applications received by the deadline date will be accepted for inclusion in the lottery. Applicants not successful in the lottery draw will be added to the wait list.  However, if spots in any category have not been met, applications may be accepted into the unfilled spots in any category at the discretion of Regina Fringe organizers.

What Happens If I Am Successful In the Lottery?

  1. You will be notified within one week after the lottery draw, and charged the full appropriate participation fee.  (see Letter of Invitation info below)
  2. In January, you will start to get a series of questionnaires and forms that provide the Festival with all relevant details to producing your show.
  3. As a participant, you receive:
  • Five performances (over a five day period) 
  • A 100-300 (approx) seat venue equipped with basic lighting and sound.
  • Storage Space at venue (shared by all venue companies) for props, sets and other neccesary company items.
  • One technician for your production.  It is recommended that each company have their own stage manager.
  • A maximum three hour technical rehearsal prior to opening. No other time will be permitted.
  • A front of house manager, volunteers, ticket sales at venue, and on-line ticket sales.
  • Inclusion in the Fringe program guide, website, and overall event publicity.
  • Your ticket revenue.

What If I Want to Withdraw?

  • All withdrawals from the Festival must be made in writing by the company’s Primary Contact by regular mail or email.
  • Once paid, a company that withdraws before March 1st by 5pm, will receive a 50% refund of its participation fee.
  • A company that withdraws after 5pm on March 1st will forfeit 100% of its participation fee.

Scheduling of Performances & Availability

Once drawn, all companies must be available for the entire duration of the Festival. If a company’s availability is limited for any reason, the Festival cannot guarantee that it will receive the maximum number of performances.  Each company will receive 5 performances over a 5 day period between 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight per day.

Show Time Limits 

  • All Fringe performances start on time and cannot run past their 60, 75 or 90 minute running time limit. With 45 minutes between performances (15 minutes to strike a show, 15 minutes to set up the next show, and 15 minutes for audience seating), timing is key.
  • You will be asked to confirm your running time by March 1st and you will not be able to change it after this date.

Box Office & Tickets

  • The Fringe returns 100% of the box office ticket revenue to the individual companies.
  • All tickets are $12.00.  Service fees are automatically added to tickets purchased online and retained by ticketing services.
  • 100% of tickets for all performances are available to be sold in advance.
  • The Fringe sells advance tickets online to all performances.

Permits & Permissions

Permission: If your piece is not an original work, your company must secure the necessary performance rights, or permission from the author to perform in The Fringe.

Unions/Associations: Participants must pay the appropriate fees and obtain the necessary releases from their union/association, and should be prepared to provide us with proof of permissions in writing if necessary. The CAEA Festival Policy is currently available for most companies at the Toronto Fringe and Equity members should contact their rep to find out more.

Primary Contact

All formal agreements and interactions with the Fringe will involve this person exclusively. Only the Primary Contact is authorized to submit or to make changes to company information. The Primary Contact for a company cannot be replaced after the lottery application is submitted. All Fringe correspondence is sent only to the Primary Contact and the communication of all appropriate information to the company is the sole responsibility of this person.

Secondary Contact

This contact is for emergencies only.  All companies must have a secondary contact.  The secondary contact may not be the primary or secondary contact on another application.

International & Out of Town Applicants

Work Permits: It is the responsibility of all international companies, not the Festival, to acquire the necessary travel, visa and work permits required by the Government of Canada.

Taxes: The Federal Non-Resident Withholding Tax (Regulation 105) is the Federal Government’s tax for non-residents of Canada. International companies can apply for a waiver that allows them to earn a base amount that is non-taxable. Fringe Festivals will forward international participants copies of Regulation 105, but if a company fails to apply for it, the Festival is legally required to withhold 15% of their ticket revenue. For more information, please look up the CRA online. Click Here to read more on CRA policies.  Click here for Waiver form PDF.

Accommodation: The Festival will try to find billets for visiting companies as requested but unfortunately cannot guarantee accommodation.

Letter of Invitation
Upon acceptance, the Regina Fringe will issue a letter of invitation to each international company.  This letter will confirm that you have been accepted into the Regina Fringe and it will also detail other important information including show name, venue assigned, date of festival, ticket cost, etc.  The Regina Fringe will email this letter to you only.  The Regina Fringe does not send this letter to the CRA.  As mentioned previously it is up to each international company to send all appropriate forms and information to CRA.

Other Fringe Policies
The performing company and all performers in that company are required to mitigate all unacceptable personal and property risks due to their performances.  If the Regina Fringe perceives an unacceptable risk and does not believe such mitigation to be adequate, then the Regina Fringe may require the performer to adjust their performances accordingly.

The Regina International Open Theatre Society reserves the right to cancel confirmed applications should circumstances arise.  In such an event, cancelled participants will be placed at the top of the wait list or they may withdraw from the Regina Fringe and receive a full refund of the application fee.

These are few of the major policies of the Regina Fringe.  If you have any questions regarding the policies or the application form, please contact the Regina Fringe by email at